One of Wincanton’s most promising musical exports, Blood Red Rose have taken the underground by storm thanks to the recent release of their debut album, ‘Reflections’, winning over fans and critics alike with their dark indie sounds. After rightfully championing the album across our social media pages, the time has finally come to give it a proper spotlight. Written, recorded, produced, and mixed by the band in their own makeshift studio, ‘Reflections’ is a true labour of love, proving that the rough and ready indie rock of the early 2000s is still going strong today. As an album, ‘Reflections’ it's built on sporadic and free-flowing energy, one that drifts between styles and genres, pushing for new creative space and refusing to be pigeon-holed or formally defined. In true form, the eleven tracks on the album revel in a free-spirited and truly universal ethos, with the band explaining, “ the songs are about things we were thinking, and we wrote ‘em down, and when you listen to ‘em, whatever you think it’s about, that’s what it’s about!”, Opening with lead single ‘Linger’, the album sets an immediate tone, fading into existence with a dark and unmistakable 80’s vibe. Set against melodic percussion, sweeping, shoegaze guitars, and emotive, droning vocals that ebb and flow throughout, ‘Linger’ brings about instant comparisons with post-punk and new wave titans like Joy Division, The Psychedelic Furs, and The Cure. An intoxicating opening number ‘Linger’ is a perfect introduction to the band and the album, one that is both dark and mysterious, but also wonderfully uplifting. As the record continues, ‘Walk In My Town’ arrives with newfound energy and immediacy, showcasing Blood Red Rose’s ability to create glistening indie anthems, while the near seven-minute epic of ‘Rise Up’ proves they can also dish out classic rock anthemics with ease. Together they’re a powerful trilogy of tracks, one that creates a dynamic, evolving soundscape that lingers and builds in revolving folds. It’s a stunning opening gambit, one that slowly eclipses all other sound and draws you in before launching into a fittingly rebellious flourish. Proving they’re more than just another DIY band with only one sound to their name, Blood Red Rose continue to impress with the likes of ‘Broken Records’, a jagged, quirky song that shines with experimental flair, ‘Last Fight’, which revels in golden age indie sounds, and the immutable ‘Black Night Dawn’, a sultry minimalist piece that builds into an acoustic high, offering hints at some dominant grunge overtones and creating powerful call back to the sounds of Pearl Jam and the mid-90s. Impressive as the album is already, the latter half has more tricks and surprises instore, forcing its way into a fierce medley of crashing percussion, quick-fire chords, and rough snarling vocals on the animalistic ‘Candy Sweet’, and final trilogy of rough cut rock anthems in ‘The Answer’, ‘Radio Gods’, and ‘Watching Over’. Nothing however can compare to the closing triumph that is ‘Come On’. A return to the textured indie sounds that first started the album, ‘Come On’ is a melancholic number that perfectly illustrates the band’s immersive sound, bringing everything to a close with a final flourish of lo-fi indie sounds. On the surface, it’s easy to see ‘Reflections’ as another DIY, cult classic, one that delivers original and quirky indie rock tracks time and time again, but beneath that, it’s much, much more. As the band have said, ‘Reflections’ is an album open to interpretation one where the songs shift and change to reflect the listener’s experiences, and while we can write endlessly about the weight, power, and intrigue wrapped up within the eleven tracks, the best way to experience the album is to just dive in for yourself. Score: 8/10” - Thomas Bedward - Broken8 records
When we last heard from Blood Red Rose, Somerset’s dark indie superstars, they had just released their stunning debut album, ‘Reflections’. A true hidden gem that delivered original, brooding, and wonderfully quirky indie rock tracks time and time again, the album was a near-perfect aural experience that we haven’t been able to put out of our minds. Now, Blood Red Rose have kicked off the new year with the same fire and tenacity that first brought them to our attention, delivering an evolved indie classic in the form of new single, ‘My Stereo’. A stellar glimpse into the band’s second album, which is set for release later this year, ‘My Stereo’ sees the band expanding upon their DIY style, blending their uniquely atmospheric sound with some contemporary indie arrangements that will delight and entertain anyone who stumbles upon them. Opening onto a textured soundscape of quick-stepping percussion, rolling baselines, and sharp guitar chords, ‘My Stereo’ creates an instantly appealing blend of sounds that lingers perfectly on the palette. With subtle shoegaze energy and some classic indie rock vibes, the single sets the stage for frontman Paul’s vocals. Reminiscent of The Cure’s Robert Smith and soaked in waves of sonic brilliance, they complete the song in perfect form, ensuring that ‘My Stereo’ becomes one of the band’s best releases to date. An immersive release that hits in waves and announces the band’s second album in perfect form, ‘My Stereo’ ends with a titanic crescendo, one that creates an unavoidable wall of sound and completes the Blood Red Rose experience. Written, recorded and mixed by the band in their own makeshift studio, ‘My Stereo’ is lavish, balanced, and perfectly produced, making it one of our favourite singles of the year so far, and in the end, there’s only one thing left to say; bring on album number two! You can stream the new track above via Spotify, and be sure to check out the band’s social media pages so you don’t miss the release of the band’s sophomore record later this year. Score: 8/10” - Thomas Bedward - Broken8 records
Blood Red Rose – ‘This One’s For You’ by Thomas Bedward June 16, 2021 Blood Red Rose – ‘This One’s For You’ When it comes to music, there are some bands that you find and then just can’t shake, no matter the time, distance, or obstacles that might arise. It’s a rare, but brilliant thing, and something that we’ve found time and time again with Somerset’s own Blood Red Rose. After first surfacing with the release of the debut album in later 2019, the dark indie three-piece have been constantly building and refining their sound, breathing new life into a timeless genre and creating a defiant wall of sound from driven electric guitars, heavy hooks, and thunderous drums. With ‘Reflection’, Blood Red Rose delivered a sporadic, free-flowing anthology that revelled in a free-spirited and truly universal ethos, but now, with the release of their sophomore record, they’ve thrown caution to the wind and doubled down on the stark experimental vibes and deep, personal moments. Titled ‘This One’s For You’, the new album is the sound of the band growing more confident in their abilities, taking charge of their influences and creating something that could very well stand the test of time. A raw ten-track release, and a touching dedication to a fallen friend, ‘This One’s For You’, opens with ‘The Game’, a lavish, defiant piece that makes its mark instantly with a defiant guitar riff and waves of tempered drums. Ringing with the nostalgic sounds of Primal Scream and The Cure, ‘The Game’ is a gateway to Blood Red Roses’ dark, kaleidoscopic world, and as the band reach their peak, vocalist Paul calls out to the world, lamenting over how ‘the rules have changed halfway through the game’. Capitalising on the freedom of their debut record, second cut ‘Anybody Out There’ maintains the emotional weight of ‘The Game’, but musically it shifts the focus to more ambient, almost choirlike chants that call out in a soothing refrain, while the band push forward with scattered alt-rock vibes and rough post-punk energy. Filled with shades of isolation and a desire to recapture lost moments, it’s a song that speaks from the heart and creates an enduring highlight for the band. As the album continues, ‘Butterflies’ surprises everyone with an upbeat, classic rock aesthetic, plenty of energy, and some true country style. Filled with a minimalist production that helps create a dynamic live feel, it's an untapered look into the world that Blood Red Rose exists in. Breaking away, the band treat us all to some more joyous, vintage rock vibes with ‘Run Away’, a track that lives in the interplay between Paul’s vocals and the murky instrumental undercurrents that Kim and Luke and stitched together. Mixed with lucid, shifting productions and riffs pulled from the glory days of ‘90s rock, ‘Run Away’ is a powerful single perfectly encapsulates the strengths of the album. Paired brilliantly with ‘Platinum Flowers’, the two tracks offer a one-two hit of heavy, enduring sounds, with the latter track providing some stellar, bass-heavy anthemics. A grunge-filled piece that blends shoegazes cuts with gritty rock ‘n’ roll sounds, its unyielding, ensnaring, and wonderfully familiar. As the second half of the album arrives, Blood Red Rose takes us back to the upbeat indie rock that first made them, offering up poignant, reflective, even hopeful lyrics, while ‘Ghosts’ takes things to a whole never level, dominating all known soundscapes with a heavy spoke of rock ‘n’ roll action. In true form, ‘Ghosts’ has everything it needs to entertain, including heavy guitar riffs, calling vocals, and quickstep percussion that builds to a cataclysmic end. It’s hard not to be impressed, but the band have more instore, including familiar shades of rock classics in ‘It Don’t Matter’, and a surprisingly mellow and emotive piece in ‘The Witness’. A deceptively nuanced track, ‘The Witness’ flows with a deep, droning sound and sweeping focus, holding firm with an intoxicating, eclectic energy, and a heartfelt acoustic sound that lingers perfectly. In the end, though, it’s all about the closing number, and ‘Find Our Way’ was a perfect choice. A track that leaves a definite impression, ‘Find Our Way’ breaks the mould and creates something bold and original, shaking up everything from the instrumentation and sound to Paul‘s vocals, and the overall production. A rich, kaleidoscopic journey that wanders through a shifting roster of styles and sounds, it’s call outs with lyrics like, “we’ll never be afraid, we’ll never be the same until we find our way”, before ultimately ending with a final tribute to Robert Rose and deafening fade to silence. While ‘Reflections’ proved the band could create some truly impressive DIY songs, ‘This One’s For You’ showcases their more emotive and empathetic side, blending their stark, sometimes abstract sounds with real human emotions and plenty of relatable moments. An album that they can be infinitely proud of, ‘This One’s For You’ is a journey worth taking, and an album worth experiencing. Along with the release of the new album, Blood Red Rose have also revealed another touching dedication to Robert Rose in the form of ‘Slither’, a cover of Velvet Revolver’s classic that they recorded with him while known as Kill The Messenger’. Score: 8.5/10 ” - Thomas Bedward - Broken8 records

Moving On Album Review by Thomas Bedward, Broken 8 Records, October 06, 2021


For those who have been following our page over the last few months, one band you’ll definitely be well acquainted with is Blood Red Rose. An enigmatic and wonderfully nostalgic indie three-piece with an impressive ability to conjure up dark shades of yesteryear, Blood Red Rose have become one of the most prolific new bands around, releasing a trio of albums and a seemingly endless stream of critically acclaimed singles over the course of the last twelve months. 

After previously impressing with the release of their two previous records, ‘Reflections’, their dark and stormy debut, and ‘This One’s For You’, their emotive and wonderfully immersive sophomore effort, there almost seemed no more ground for Blood Red Rose to conquer, but today, with the release of ‘Moving On’, the band have proved there is still so much more on the horizon. 

A nine-track album that was preceded by a couple of stellar singles, ‘Moving On’ offers another glimpse into the unique creative space that Blood Red Rose inhabit, taking lead from their indie origins and expanding into more old school rock sounds. Right from the start, you can hear that things are going to be different, and the album opens onto a triumphant stream of melodic rock, channelling light blues, tempered grunge, and psychedelic vibes in ‘Hey Dorothy’. It’s a disarming first track, and it sets the tone perfectly as the albums rolls on, building momentum with the cathartic shoegaze anthemics of ‘Moving On’ and the cutting guitar anthem of ‘Sunday’. Two wonderfully atmospheric pieces that lean heavily on textured dream pop, they’re a bold and brilliant trio that showcase Blood Red Rose’s more upbeat and hopeful sound. 

In ‘Past Ghosts’ and ‘Still Alive’, the band channel Joy Division and Josef K, delivering a melodic post-punk sound that drags you back to the early ‘80s, which ‘Take My Hand’ and ‘Vanity Stares’ double as a growing, shoegaze pairing that build to a complex cacophony of sounds. Blending ambient tones with jangling indie-rock melodrama, the songs break like crashing waves. For the final track, ‘Seven Billion Souls’, the album takes an unexpected, but ultimately welcomed turn, with the closing number standing apart thanks to a more rapid tempo, swirling, rustic tones, and calling vocals reminiscent of The Way on Drugs or My Morning Jacket. It’s an impressive twist, and it closes the album on what might well be the band’s most uplifting moment so far.

Something of a dark indie trilogy, Blood Red Rose’s albums have all arrives with their own character and style, something that has developed gradually as they’ve grown as a band, and as artists. While their debut was simpler and more jagged, the band have slowly been able to step away from their influences and create a more unique sound, one that has seen them confronting and overcoming obstacles, and finding their own piece of freedom. 

An expressive and cathartic third album with a very fitting title, ‘Moving On’ is unique to the band and wonderfully poignant, standing tall as a testament to what you can achieve with enough passion and determination. 

Score: 9/10



Moving On Album Review

A Review Of our Single COME ON by Alice Glover


A Flourishing Career for Blood Red Rose

Hailing from the dark depths of Wincanton is a gem of a rock band, Blood Red Rose!  Formed in 2019, they define themselves loosely as a three-piece ‘indie’ band as their sound is impossible to pigeon-hole.  It shifts between different styles and genres.  From the gruff, animalistic sound of ‘classic rock’ to the more languid Soft Rock and ‘indie’ music itself.    

For fledgeling artists, making it in the music industry is no mean feat but not, it would seem for this talented trio who, thanks to the success of their debut album Reflections, have clearly made their mark!

For fans of their dark, brooding and somewhat tempestuous style, their latest single Come On does not disappoint! It’s a bitter-sweet lament that swirls with angst but is also wonderfully uplifting.  Stripped back with distinctive Lo-fi charm, the subtle medley of soft percussion and sombre guitar chords creates a chilling backdrop for Paul’s sultry, emotive vocals.

Paul has a somewhat experimental approach to song-writing which could explain why his lyrics are often cryptic.  “We don’t set out to convey any specific meaning through our songs”, explains the enigmatic frontman.  “Sometimes the lyrics will just randomly evolve from the tune and the melody, and then we piece it all together.”

For me however, Come On is deeply relatable.  It captures the feelings of darkness that have gripped the world over the past year, particularly the feeling of languishing: being lost and unfulfilled and longing for the day when everything falls into place.  “When will the day come into view and just leave me to be?!” Paul ponders.  It’s as if he is speaking to the heart of the listener, offering comfort in his confessional style and reminding them that they are not alone in trying to cope with the absurdities of life as we currently know it.     

However, he will not surrender to his despair! With a sudden key change, the tone of the song changes from bleak to tentative but determined hope.  You can hear a new-found desperation in his voice to snap out of the rut he is in, which intensifies as the track fades. “Come On!”, he wails impatiently.

In this fiercely competitive, ‘cookie cutter’ industry, it is easy to overlook Blood Red Rose as yet another ‘indie’ band churning out run-of-the-mill records to meet demand.  Think again! This album is slick, well-crafted and puts them in a league of their own. I defy anyone not to find the kind of solace in it that I have!

Reflections can be streamed, downloaded or purchased at http//

Alice Glover 28/06/21.